A Day in the Life of a Housing Support Specialist

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Posted On: November 17, 2022 by Friends of the Family in: General

Housing Support Specialist, Amie, shares about her role.  Describe your role.  I am a housing support specialist. I assist clients with finding housing and provide case management to help them reach self-sufficiency.  What led you to become a housing support specialist?  I always wanted a job in the helping field because it is very fulfilling and rewarding. When I saw the opportunity to be a housing support specialist, I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me to do what I love.  Describe the population you work with.  I work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and each of them have their own unique barriers and needs.  Do you speak with new people each day, or do you connect with the same people consistently?  I mostly speak to the people I work with daily, but with the nature of the job, I am constantly connecting with new people to ensure the clients I work with get the assistance they need.  How do you