The Cycle of Hunger

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Posted On: August 29, 2018 by Friends of the Family in:

Written by one of Friends of the Family's Housing Support Specialists Growing up, I didn’t know what it was like to go hungry. I always had enough to eat and had options. We had supper every night at six o’clock on the dot, and that was when we sat down as a family and shared about our day. My mom usually made casseroles or meat, potatoes, a vegetable and bread. She also made sure we had fruit or cottage cheese to go along with it, as well as a dessert and ALWAYS a full glass of milk. There were things my mom would make that I didn’t like, but I was forced to eat and was told that “there are starving kids in the world that don’t get to eat at all so I need to eat everything on my plate.” In order for us to be excused from the table we had to ‘clean our plate up’ and ‘drink all of our milk.’ This was my “normal,” and until I started working at Friends of the Family, I never thought twice about hunger and how