Thank you for your interest in a career with Friends of the Family. Friends of the Family is dedicated to providing meaningful and quality services to persons regardless of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability, marital status, socio-economic status, and religion. We celebrate diversity and strive to meet each individual’s culturally specific needs.  Our agency embraces these same beliefs in our employment practices, and encourage all interested persons to respond to job postings regardless of any identities held in the classes stated above.

Please see below for descriptions of current openings.

Friends of the Family is currently looking to hire a part time human trafficking specialist for 24 hours a week in the Cedar Rapids area.  The individual will work out of the Cedar Rapids office.  Please send cover letter and resume to [email protected] by June 23rd.

Duties Specific to Human Trafficking Specialist:

  1. Facilitate and coordinate direct services to human trafficking victims, including, but not limited to:
    1. Crisis response in an emergency
    2. Relocation assistance
    3. Safe shelter placement
    4. Basic needs such as food, clothing, etc.
    5. Short or mid-term housing assistance and case management
    6. Medical, community, and legal advocacy
  2. Assess barriers of victims of sex and labor trafficking, and implement strategies to overcome those barriers.
  3. Provide training and technical assistance to collaborative partners who can often come into contact with trafficking victims first.   Collaborate with those partners to assure smooth transition of services and access to quality services.  
  4. Complete appropriate documentation to track client data and progress.  
  5. Develop a case plans with participants, which can include safety planning, relocation planning, and housing/stability planning.
  6. Assist participants in locating and securing housing of their choice.  Complete housing inspections and submit recommendation for housing placement approval to the Human Trafficking Services Manager and the Executive Director.
  7.     Verify household income and provide recommendation of continued monthly rent assistance from program.
  8. Create and maintain consistent communication channels, both verbal and written, between several parties (i.e. participant, referral sources, law enforcement, collaborating agencies, landlords, etc.)
  9. Provide mediation and advocacy on the participant’s behalf to assure the best client outcomes.  Serve as an ongoing liaison between clients and collaborating agencies. 
  10. Provide information and referral assistance regarding available support from appropriate social service agencies and/or community programs. 
  11. Assist participants in development of a strength-based/solution-focused individualized goal and action plan that promotes safety. 
  12. Develop an effective, timely referral network in order to ensure ongoing direction and support as needed. 
  13. Meet with program participants weekly and take an active role to link to resources and services, ensure stability and progress, provide support and advocacy, reduce isolation, listen, and problem solve. 
  14. Utilize creative techniques, including the use of technology, to communicate with clients who are housed throughout the region. 
  15. Document meeting case notes, maintain client files and other appropriate documentation of services per CVAD audit requirements.  Paperwork must be completed and in the files within 7 days of contact.  This includes, but is not limited to intake, discharge, and follow-up paperwork and documentation. 
  16. Transport participants as deemed necessary.  Transportation requirements should be limited to emergency shelter, housing, and occasional needs directly relating to the client’s safety and stability. 
  17. Collect and report program data, including but not limited to program success and follow-up tracking, data required by funders, etc.
  18. Understand and adapt to service changes in the field at the local, state, or national level.
  19. Participate in agency needs assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, and grant writing as coordinated by the Human Trafficking Services Manager, Director of Operations, or Executive Director. 
  20. Represent CVFF at community and other program development meetings as requested. 
  21. Assist in on-going coordination and management of the donations given to CVFF from community persons and ensure timely distribution to any CVFF participants.
  22. Coordinate the purchase of bus tickets and other emergency needs for trafficking victims to relocate to their area of choice and safety.
  23. Utilize creative techniques, including the use of technology, to communicate with clients who are housed across the region.
  24. Manage time and schedule independently.