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Core values are what support the vision of our agency and help shape its culture. They are the essence of our identity – our principles, beliefs, and philosophies. Core values educate clients, customers, and partners about what we are about and clarify our identity.

  • People First - We explicitly value the happiness and well-being of all people. We choose to elevate people around us into better coworkers, better neighbors, and better lives.  Through this we strive to work with people we love.
  • Emotional Intelligence - We consistently step back and review the consequences of a decision using our emotions as a point of reference, rather than as a basis for the decision.  We work to understand and manage our emotions, and those of the people around us. With a high degree of emotional intelligence, we know what we’re feeling, what our emotions mean, and how these emotions can affect other people.
  • Equity and Inclusion - We act intentionally to be just and fair, to meet clients, the community, and each other where they are at, to create conditions that allow equal access for all to reach their full potential. This will result in increased organizational performance, support culture and climate, advance employee retention, and leadership opportunities.
  • Drive Change - We will embrace change enthusiastically, by encouraging and driving it. By staying in a state of change readiness, we will never get too comfortable where we are at. We will be adventurous in our solutions and ideas to continue moving our mission forward.
  • Grit - We will maintain our determination and motivation, despite experiencing failure and adversity. Our passion and commitment towards our long-term goals is the predominant factor that provides the energy for pushing through challenges and setbacks. We will have passion, resilience, determination and focus that to be optimistic, persevere, and achieve our goals.