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Core values are what support the vision of our agency and help shape its culture. They are the essence of our identity – our principles, beliefs, and philosophies. Core values educate clients, customers, and partners about what we are about and clarify our identity.

  • People First - Everyone matters and you regard people's well-being and success as a priority.
  • Drive Change - We learn not to fear change but instead embrace it enthusiastically. It is even more important that we encourage and drive it. That keeps us in a healthy state of change readiness. Change is based around humbleness and an understanding that we can always grow and get better.
  • Equity and Inclusion - Believe that diversity makes us all better and enjoy working with people of different backgrounds.  Work to make every client, colleague and stakeholder feel welcome and understand that we must provide equitable opportunities for all.
  • Emotional Intelligence – EQ allows us to step back and review the consequences of a decision using our emotions as a point of reference rather than as a basis for the decision.  It is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and those of the people around you.
  • Grit - Individuals high in grit can maintain their determination and motivation over long periods despite experiencing failure and adversity. Grit is having the passion, resilience, determination and focus that helps you to be optimistic, persevere and achieve any goals that you may have.