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Preventing Homelessness for Victims of Sexual Assault

When survivors of sexual assault make the decision to leave the abusive relationship, it often means they have to leave their current living situation. Friends of the Family’s Rapid Re-Housing program provides assistance to victims of sexual assault that allows them to obtain and retain housing to help them start over.

FOF staff assist survivors in the Rapid Re-Housing program with creating safety plans and identifying ways to overcome barriers for housing.

The program helps survivors:

  • Connect with supportive community resources and organizations
  • Develop budget habits
  • Improve financial literacy skills

Contact Us to Learn More About Housing Assistance

If you or someone you know are currently homeless because of sexual assault or currently living in an unsafe place, please call FOF and speak with a member of our staff.

Call Us:

  • 319-352-0037
  • 1-800-410-7233