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For survivors of domestic assault, making the decision to get out of an abusive relationship can be difficult and dangerous. But when that decision is made, it's critical that victims of domestic violence have a place to go where they can feel safe and secure.

Friends of the Family offers shelter services to residents of 14 Iowa counties, including:

  • Allamakee
  • Benton
  • Black Hawk
  • Bremer
  • Buchanan
  • Chickasaw
  • Clayton
  • Delaware
  • Dubuque
  • Fayette
  • Howard
  • Jones
  • Linn
  • Winneshiek

emergency shelter options

The Friends' House Emergency Safety Shelter is a 21-bed facility that is staffed by certified victim advocates at all times. This shelter is in a confidential location and is a secure facility that features coded doors and an advanced security system to prevent anyone from entering the facility who shouldn't be there.

A variety of other confidential shelter options are located throughout the 14-county region. Crisis line staff work with victims/survivors to identify which shelter option best fits their unique safety needs.

Housing Assistance

When survivors of domestic assault make the decision to leave the abusive relationship, it often means they have to leave their current living situation. Friends of the Family’s rapid re-housing and homeless prevention services provides assistance to victims that allows them to obtain and retain safe and affordable housing to help them start over.

FOF staff assist survivors with creating safety plans and identifying ways to overcome barriers to housing.

fostering for hope

FOF's Fostering for Hope program helps to provide temporary care for the pets of those fleeing domestic violence. "Research shows that offenders of domestic violence often have a pattern of abuse involving all members of the household – including children and pets. When survivors of domestic violence seek to escape their abusive homes they’re not only faced with the challenge of finding shelter for themselves and their children, but also for their pets", states Red Rover.

The program helps survivors:

  • Connect with supportive community resources and organizations
  • Develop budget habits to create a plan of safety
  • Develop financial literacy skills
  • Restart your life free of violence

Contact Us to Learn More About Housing Assistance

If you are homeless or someone you know is homeless because of domestic assault or currently living in an unsafe place, please call FOF and speak with a member of our staff.

Call Us:

  • Victim Services Hotline: 319-352-0037
  • Housing Services Hotline: 319-233-3094