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Friends of the Family focuses on providing services that end violence and homelessness. It is not possible to work toward ending homelessness and violence in our communities without understanding the intersection of race, housing, and intimate partner violence. Housing and safety are basic rights that FOF believes all should have access too without stipulations. People and organizations with privilege have the obligation to be active in the fight toward racial equality. At Friends of the Family we recognize we have privilege. As an organization, we have been vocal about our stance, but that has not always been supported by action.

The violence that is taking place in our communities is an exposure of the broken system, that has been built on racism and inequality. Without confronting the macro and micro levels of oppression that occur, our vision as an agency, will never be achievable. FOF believes in a diverse and inclusive work environment that supports staff and people seeking services. Our Core Values include diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure that we are always intentional moving forward. We commit to embracing people from different identities, races, cultures, and ethnicities. We commit to action: to continue to evaluate who is being served by FOF, ensuring the inclusivity of our services and staff culture, intentionally investing in BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) organizations and experts to provide training to staff. We commit to being part of the solution.

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